#BuildingPeace – Sette Giugno

A very special off topic #BuildingPeace to honour the 100th anniversary of the Sette Giugno, the massacre of protesters in Malta on the 7th June 1919. In the aftermath of #worldwarI, the disruptions in agriculture across the whole of the continent caused the British colonial government to fail to provide adequate food supplies. Protests spread throughout the country, until on the 7th of June the troops shot on the crowd, killing four people. The incidents caused the military to be deferred to martial court, and the outrage allowed for a series of liberal concessions on part of the government, and the strengthening of the pro-Italian parties. In the picture, from The National Archives of Malta and available on #archivesportaleurope, a commemoration of the victims shot on the 9th June 2019, only 48 hours after the shooting.

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