The Audiovisual Heritage of the European Integration Process

European University Institute, Florence (Italy) – 12/13 September 2019

The Historical Archives of the European Union and University of Hamburg are organizing a conference on The Audio-visual Heritage of the European Integration Process: since the 1950s, the European integration process was accompanied by several information campaigns to promote the idea of a United Europe, and to foster the feeling of European identification. Audio-visual media, from films to posters, played a crucial role.

The conference will address a range of audio-visual strategies and projects of European institutions to visualize the European integration project and foster the concept of a common European identity, and it will discuss the question of how archives in Europe preserve and make these holdings accessible to research and the public.

A collection of more than 400 digitized films on European integration collected by the project group “Werben für Europa” coordinated by Prof. Gabriele Clemens at University of Hamburg and deposited recently at the Historical Archives of the European Union, will be presented and opened to the public.

The event will be held inEnglish. For more registration and to register, click here

Screen Shot 2019-08-07 at 09.08.29

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