ICA online course: “Introduction to Records Management”

ICA website, duration 3 months

The International Council on Archives (ICA) is introducing its first online course ever.

The course offers a practical introduction to implementing the main elements of records management, with a focus on paper-based and non-current records. The course is based on the PARBICA (Pacific Regional Branch of ICA) model policy, and explains how to tailor them to suit any organisation’s records management needs.

The course is available in English and French and it is for beginner and intermediate level. It includes downloadable presentations, documents, videos, and quizzes. The total length to complete the course is 20 to 30 hours and the allowed time to complete it once started is 3 months. The cost is €80 for ICA members and €100 for non-members. The ICA will issue a certificate once the final assessment has been completed. Further information available here

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