#TrainingTuesday campaign launched by DARIAH-EU

The European-wide research infrastructure DARIAH-EU is launching #TrainingTuesday to bring learning resources and training videos to researchers and course-providers within the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences.

The campaign will showcase training videos and other learning resources via Twitter that are associated with or have been developed by its member countries and affiliated projects.  Each week, a learning resource or training video of a specific topic will be promoted to ensure that researchers and course-providers are aware of the vast amount of expertise and materials that they can tap into via the DARIAH research infrastructure.

If you can’t wait for these resources on a weekly basis, all the videos can be found on the DARIAH-EU YouTube channel which also features videos from the DARIAH Annual Events, as well as talks and lectures from DARIAH-EU researchers at Digital Humanities conferences and workshops.  In addition, learning resources, including modules and ‘captured events’ are also available from DARIAH-Campus.

More information on the DARIAH-EU dedicated page.

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