Keep safe, explore Lyon archives

During the Coronavirus pandemic the Archives of the City of Lyon are closed to the public until further notice.

The Lyon Archives encourage the public to discover them differently: during this somewhat exceptional period, the team is mobilizing to help people discover the archives anyway.

The mediation team offers downloadable and printable games for families to play around the archives.

People can take advantage of free time to learn more about Lyon’s history and Lyonnaise stories.

The team offers advice on keeping your documents, sorting your papers at home (invoices, x-rays, electronic records…) and electronic documents: the advice covers topics such as live your tree structure well; manage your e-mail properly; manage your photographs well; manage your videos well; store your files well; normalize your files; properly name your files; fill in your metadata. It works both at work and at home!

Find out more about all this on the website:

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