Lighting the Way Forum: presentations available on Stanford Libraries website

Interesting material from the Stanford Libraries, whose e-resources are available to support the public during remote instruction. Physical access to library materials and locations remain closed due to the pandemic.

Presentations from the Lighting the Way Forum on February 10, 2020 were organized into five groupings or themes, most with dedicated question and answers sessions.

  1. Introductory presentations: Information about the the Lighting the Way Project and the Lighting the Way Forum.
  2. The Evolving Systems Ecosystem: What software and other systems do we use to make archival discovery and delivery possible, and how is that changing within institutional contexts?
  3. Networks and the Big Picture: What issues are impacting archives and libraries at the level of the sector, consortia, or beyond, related to discovery and delivery?
  4. Ethical, Legal, and Cultural Concerns: How have factors like privacy, cultural protocols, copyright, and others impacted our ability to address archival discovery and delivery, on a technical, operational, or strategic level?
  5. Impacts on Public Services and Outreach: How does archival discovery and delivery fit within the front-line work of library and archives workers focused on reference, outreach, public service, and community needs?

All presentations were live-streamed and recorded and are now available on the website. Speakers consented to having their recordings and presentation files shared under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works (CC-BY-NC-ND) License. All presentation videos are viewable with or without open captions.

You can find them all at this link:

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