Investigaciones de Historia Economica invites submissions on the topic Epidemics in History

Following the recent sanitary events and the particular interest aroused in academia, mass media, and the general public, Investigaciones de Historia Económica/Economic History Research invites submissions for a special issue on the topic Epidemics in History.

The editors believe in the relevance of the study on the effects of pandemics in the past in order to show how societies dealt with similar situations and the lessons that we can obtain in the present and the future. The special issue aims to include papers with a wide chronological and geographical coverage and a multidisciplinary approach with a special emphasis on the economic effects of pandemics in the past. Potential contributors can contact in advance with the invited editors of the special issue, Joana Maria Pujadas Mora (jpujades[at] and Carlos Santiago-Caballero (carlos.santiago[at] Papers in English and Spanish are accepted. All contributions should be based on original research and will be subject to a peer-review process. The journal aims to publish the special issue in late 2020. Therefore, the deadline for submissions will be June 6, and all papers will be processed in a fast-track process. Potential contributions should be submitted to ihe[at], following the same procedure as described in the general guidelines for authors:

Archives Portal Europe hold much material on epidemics from the past – here is an initial curated collection with records on the Black Death, the Spanish Flu, and the more recent Coronavirus – but much more is held in the Portal:

Pictured: Epidemics: how to meet them, 1919, by Hansen, Louis A., ed Review and Herald Publishing Association, held at the Library of Congress, USA.

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