Fondazione Basso putting inventories online

Fondazione Basso is closed to the public these weeks, but its employers are working from home to offer new research instruments to the public.
They have put online the inventories of these funds:

  • Marianella García Villas (documentary collection). These documents relate to the El Salvador lawyer, founder of the El Salvador Committee for Human Rights and associate of Mgr Oscar Romero. The documents relate to the years when García Villas lived in Italy (1981-1982) and got in touch with Linda Bimbi and the international Organization Lelio Basso, and FILB’s initiatives after her murder.
  • Bruno Misefari. He was an anarchist and antimilitarist activist from early XX century.
  • Anarchists (documentary collection). Ministerial circulars on internationalists, opposition parties, freedom of press, propaganda; laws and measures against socialists and anarchists (1869-1910).

You can find them on Archives Portal Europe here:

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