SPES presents: online, free Course in practical paleography

We present you today the new School of Paleography and History (SPES) in Italy, by initiative of Centro Studi Santa Rosa da Viterbo in affiliation with Napoli University Federico II, Tuscia University and Chieti University and in collaboration with the European Center for Medieval Research, Centro Studi frate Elia da Cortona and Centro Studi S. Giacomo della Marca.

The SPES school offers training and studies for people willing to try their hand at paleography, learn how to read and analyze documents, widen their knowledge and deepen their historical researches.

The School’s first offer to the public is a Higher course in practical paleography: it’s free and online for everybody, during these quarantine weeks. The Course will begin on Monday 20 April at 4pm: they will be 10 lessons (1 hour 30 minutes time), dealing with different kind of documents. It is destined for people with previous knowledge of paleography and medieval latin. Working language is Italian.

More information on the calendar and how to enroll here: http://www.centrostudisantarosa.org/corso-di-paleografia-pratica-superiore/

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