Free online digital preservation training: Novice to Know-How

The National Archives is offering access to free online digital preservation training called Novice to Know-How, developed by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC). With priority given to the UK archive sector and DPC member institutions, learners can now register for this brand-new resource by 30 April 2020 to gain access from Friday 1 May.

Novice to Know-How is part of The National Archives’ new digital capacity building strategy, ‘Plugged In, Powered Up’ .
Researched, developed, and tested by experts within the digital preservation  community, the training is practically focused, providing learners with the skills and confidence required to implement a simple and proactive digital preservation workflow within their organisation. The Novice to Know-How training starts with a broad introduction to digital preservation issues and describes some of the ways to address these. With an emphasis on free, easy-to-use solutions, the training includes detailed demos and course content is provided as mix of video, text, and quizzes. Each course is estimated to take 2 days to complete. Access to the Novice to Know-How course will work on monthly 4-week cycles.

Register for access to Novice to Know-How here:

Furthermore, the DPC and The National Archives will celebrate the launch of the Novice to Know-How training with an online event on 4 May 2020. At this event they will introduce this new resource and you’ll have the chance to chat to national and international colleagues about digital preservation.

Sign up for the online event:

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