Paper Sundays: Maria Montessori at the Italian State Archives

Rome State Archives, Italy – 11 October 2020 (in Italian)

The Italian Central Archives of the State are hosting an exhibition revolving around Maria Montessori, on the 150 anniversary of her birth: “Maria Montessori: educating to freedom”. Montessori was a pedagogue, philosopher, scientist and creator of the eponymous teaching method who is now worldwide adopted.

On 11 October they will host a public reading of archival documents, featuring prof. Giovanna Alatri, who will talk about “Maria Montessori, free to argue with the Queen”.
Entrance to the exhibition is free but you need to book a ticket at:

The event will be in Italian: to learn more about Maria Montessori, you can see our special collection on Archives Portal Europe, with material from the Netherlands, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Estonia, Norway, and Spain:

Picture via Europeana.

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