The National Archives Online Training Opportunity: Creative Income Generation (3-10 December)

Our content provider The National Archives have developed with Steve Wood an online workshop: Creative Income Generation. It will take place on 3 and 10 December 2020.
A creative approach to income generation has become a significant skill set for archive sector leaders.  It can play a key role in making your archive service more resilient, whilst ensuring that strategic outcomes are pursued and the changing needs and wants of the community are met. 

You will leave the two workshops with the following:
a. Enhanced insight to the concept of creativity
b. Clear understanding of a process and techniques that they can implement within their service to enable creative income generation (including a comprehensive resource pack, with
c. Enhanced skills in key areas of creative income generation (which will be useful in many other ways)
d. Knowledge of existing income generation practice within the sector

During the workshops they will apply the process and techniques to your ‘real world’ challenges. Therefore, you will also leave the workshops with a practical plan of action that you can take forward to generate greater levels of income.  You can then share the concepts and methods with other members of your team, supported by the recorded audio-visual material and written guidance and tasks. This will enable the team to implement the
income generation process, whether working from home or from the more traditional workplace.

This learning and development programme will work well for all types of archives from all sectors, especially where income generation is a current priority.

This learning & development programme will help you achieve this for your archive service.  It comprises two on-line workshops, supported by recorded audio-visual material and written guidance and tasks. To book tickets please follow this link:

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