Webinar: Demonstrating Impact in Archives by The National Archives

4 February 2021, online

The National Archives have organised a webinar about demonstrating impact in archives: it will take place online on 4 February, at 2 pm GMT.
The question they will try and answer is: Have you ever wondered what type of impact your archive is having, or how better to articulate your archive’s value?

Archivists from all parts of the sector must increasingly align their activities with their organisation’s business plan and core values to ensure that the archive is seen as a valuable asset. There are many ways in which archives have value, both in cultural and economic terms.
In this seminar they will look to business archives to see the different approaches they have been taking to demonstrating value: from direct financial impact and connecting stakeholders to brand stories to having an impact with local communities and demonstrating the value of partnerships.

This event is open to all parts of the archives workforce and will be chaired by Mike Anson, chair of the Business Archives Council.

Speakers include:
• Katharine Carter – M&S Company Archive
• Helen Ceci – HSBC Group Archive
• Jill Moretto & Bill Renshaw – GSK Archive and St Helens Archive Service

There will be opportunities to talk to fellow attendees through breakout sessions.

Attendees will receive a meeting link closer to the date of the event.

Register here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/demonstrating-impact-in-archives-webinar-tickets-135707939099

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