On this day in 1898 Marie Curie discovered polonium

OnThisDay in 1898 Marie Sklodowska Curie conducted an experiment and discovered polonium – we have at least 3500 collections on Marie Curie in APEF, from more than 15 countries:


In the picture: The laboratory of Marie and Pierre Curie, from Archives départementales de la Manche, http://www.archivesportaleurope.net/ead-display/-/ead/pl/aicode/FR-FRAD050/type/fa/id/FRAD050_00678/unitid/66+Fi+1199-1-4/search/0/QUOTE_Marie+Curie_QUOTE+QUOTE_Pierre+Curie_QUOTE+poloni_ASTERISK_+Sklodowska

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