Archival & Research jobs available in Belgium, Europe, the UK

Several jobs from our Content Providers and other institutions:

The British Museum, Project Archivist: Building Records, deadline 29 March, application here

The UK National Archives, Senior Conservation Manager, deadline 31 March, application here

University for the Creative Arts, Liaison Librarian, deadline 31 March, application here

Carmarthenshire Archives, Archives Assistant, deadline 4 April, application here

Zaha Hadid Foundation, Conservator, deadline 10 April, application here

University of Bristol, Assistant Keeper, deadline 11 April, application here

KU Leven, Innovation Manager on Digital Transformation for GLAM, deadline 14 April, application here

Open Preservation Foundation, Marketing & Community Officer, deadline 15 April, application here

Stadtarchiv Karlsruhe, Arbeit eines Nachtportiers (1952),

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