New collection from Estonia

Some new, interesting collections have just become available on Archives Portal Europe, thanks to our content provider Narva City Archives.

The many archival records held by Narva City Archives – essential to understand the societal and economic history of the area – include, among others, archival material about the Soviet military factory “Baltijets”, which was operative between 1988–1993 in Narva.

It also includes, for instance, a collection of ledgers related to Narva and Narva-Jõesuu residents and documents from the archives of the Kreenholm Manufacturing Company.

The Kreenholm Manifacturing Company was a textile manufacturing company located on the island of Kreenholm in Narva, on the border with Russia. Throughout its history, the company faced many obstacles such as the possibility of being closed after World War I. In 1994, it was privatised after Estonia regained independence, and even when the company went bankrupt in 2010, it continued limited operations after being purchased by a new owner.

House book of Narva residents-1
House book of Narva residents-2
House book of Narva residents-3

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